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Ryzen host outage in Canada last night

Started 4 months ago Lasted less than a minute


Canada: General Infrastructure
  • Resolved

    We had an outage of a Ryzen system last night which happened during our "night shift" EU time. The incident was handled within 30-40 minutes and the system was brought back up. The cause of the incident was a CPU halt condition which is something we have seen Ryzen CPUs do in the past. We performed a microcode update of the affected system and we hope this particular failure will not happen again, although we cannot be certain of that.

    The person who did the work forgot to post a status update here on our status page. This is a regrettable oversigt for which we apologize. We have made our procedures very clear internally and we don't expect this oversight to happen again. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during the outage of this system last night.