Scheduled Maintenance on Network in Canada Wednesday 21st September 2022 01:00:00

Our ISP in Canada has alerted us that they will be performing scheduled maintenance on Tuesday September 20th starting at 8PM EDT (Or September 21st 01.00 CET). They anticipate a maximum downtime of 1-2 hours for any given service within this maintenance window. They are apparently changing out faulty hardware and replacing it with new hardware in the hundreds of gigabit range in order to fix the instability issues we have had with their network this past year. We are hopeful that with this upgrade the ISP will finally have a properly redundant network which doesn't cause further outages for our customers, like we have seen a few times this year already.

We thank our customers for their patience during this maintenance and would like to repeat that this is work being carried out by our ISP, not us, so we have no control over the sequence of events or of how long this downtime may potentially be.

The maintenance completed without incident