Migration of all VPS servers from Dallas TX to Montreal CA Thursday 16th September 2021 12:00:00

Thursday September 16th we will be migrating all users to our new Canadian infrastructure. Your VPS server will experience 1-2 minutes of downtime during the live migration. Please read our detailed migration guide for in-depth information and guidelines: https://webdock.io/en/docs/webdock-news/guidelines-migration-new-north-america-infrastructure

The migration procedure from Dallas TX to Montreal Canada is now complete, right on schedule. Thank you for your patience during the migration window today.

We are about half-way through the migration at this point, and all is going well. We expect about 3-3½ hours more will see us through completion.

Migration will now start. We will update here if any issues are encountered. Otherwise we will update once the migration is complete.

We are doing final preparations to start the migration of all VPS servers from Dallas to Montreal Canada. You will experience a 1-2 minute downtime event as your VPS is migrated. Read more here: https://webdock.io/en/docs/webdock-news/guidelines-migration-new-north-america-infrastructure

We will update here once we begin the migration. The entire migration event is slated to take up to 6 hours all told.