Scheduled maintenance in Helsinki Finland, Sunday June 6th 15.00 CEST Sunday 6th June 2021 15:00:00

This Sunday June 6th 15.00 CEST we will be performing some minor network maintenance in our datacenter in Finland. You can expect up to 2-5 minutes of downtime up to 2 times in the following two hours until about 17.00 CEST.

What maintenance is being performed?

We are increasing our IP space and reconfiguring our switches to handle our new VLANS for our new IP blocks Anytime during the two hour period we will need to reboot the switches at least once. This will result in 2-5 minutes of downtime up to two times if we need to do a subsequent reboot.

The maintenance has been completed for today with only 4 seconds of network disruption seen. We thank you for your patience today.

So far work is progressing smoothly and we are almost finished. We have seen only about 4 seconds of network disruption so far today which is much better than we'd expected, and if all goes well with the remainder we expect to see no further micro outages.

We now have the access we need to our hardware units and work will start. Please expect short service disruptions in the coming hour or so.

We have been unable to start work as of yet as we are waiting for Remote Hands to connect a KVM console for remote management of one of our hardware units. We hope they get the console connected soon so we can keep our maintenance withing the previously announced window, which is set to expire in about 1 hour 15 minutes.