20th May 2020

Runcloud Communcation issue resolved: Requires Server reboot - SSH connectivity is still 100% OK

We are now confident that the Runcloud communication issue has been resolved. As mentioned in our earlier post the issue related to the Go programming language which powers the Runcloud daemon which was unhappy on newer Ubuntu Kernels (inappropriately so it seems). Our workaround on setting higher limits has worked and has been rolled out across the entire infrastructure. However:


Only do this if you experience communication failure between Runcloud and your server.

A way to check if the fix is active for you is to SSH in to your server and execute "ulimit -l" it should print a number of 16384 or larger. If it prints something like 64 then the fix is not active for you and you need to reboot your server. As always if problems continue, please be in touch with us.

We will send this information in an email blast tomorrow morning as we want to send out a complete overview of all issues in a single email to all customers.

In addition the final fix we did this morning w/regards to SSH connectivity seems to have stuck and now more than 12 hours later everything is as it should be. We will give it till tomorrow morning before making the final announcement (to be doubly sure) but there is no doubt in our minds that this issue has also been resolved.

We look forward to put the problems of the past couple of days behind us and get back to focusing on optimizing your hosting experience.!