20th May 2020

Runcloud communication issue identified

A mishap seldom comes alone as the old adage goes. We have identified the problem with Runcloud service not being able to start up on Webdock servers anymore, and it actually has to do with the Go programming language which Runcloud uses for their service which runs on your vps and communicates with the Runcloud control panel, and the fact that we are now on the latest Ubuntu Kernel. Some security-related mitigation code in Go chokes on these newer kernels. We are trying to parse this mammoth of a thread describing the issue:


There is a lot of information here and a great deal of confusion and controversy going on in the Go community it seems - but if there is anything we can do with our security limits or settings, we will be sure to do so.

To repeat: This is not the fault of Webdock or Ubuntu or Runcloud for that matter - it seems some boffins at Go did some security fix with some logic which doesn't hold water on Ubuntu systems.

We hope to be able to work around the issue, and will update here as soon as we can.