20th May 2020

New potential fix implemented - SQL error when restarting servers

We have tried implementing a new fix this morning and for about 2 hours now everything seems to run normally. The side-effect of this fix is that you no longer get load averages for just your server but for the system as a whole. This may impact Runcloud users who will see higher than normal load/activity in their Runcloud control panel.

In other news we have hit a new error condition today where on some hosts containers have problems restarting kicking up a weird SQL error. This is coming from our hypervisor LXD and is presumably a bug in the latest LXD for Focal Fossa. We are in dialogue with the LXD team at Canonical investigating this issue. We have implemented a mitigation for this issue as well which hopefully prevent you from hitting it. We are watching things closely, so if you see this error then rest assured that within minutes someone from Webdock will step in and restart your server for you and notify you directly via. email