19th March 2019

Webdock Backup Storage Backend Finland Some automatic backups may fail to restore

We have identified an issue where backups when restored will fail to complete. We have solved the issue today, but it will only take effect for automatic backups made by our systems from today onwards. User snapshots and suspended servers are not affected - only our automated nightly snapshots.

If you plan on restoring a server or provisioning a server from an automatic snapshot from before March 20th, please be in touch and we will do the procedure for you.

Once our automatic snapshotting has rolled around completely in 3 weeks time, all snapshots will work correctly as before. The automatic snapshot made tonight will be the first one to "just work" as before.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, but rest assured no data has been lost. Your snapshots are safe and sound - this is just a failure to write certain metadata in the correct location in our backup system. Your snapshots just need a bit of "love" from our engineers in order to get them spun up correctly :)