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10th October 2020

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9th October 2020

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8th October 2020

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7th October 2020

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6th October 2020

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5th October 2020

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4th October 2020

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3rd October 2020

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2nd October 2020

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1st October 2020

Webdock Datacenter USA Migration completed

That took a bit longer than expected, but at long last we have our new hardware up and running in the USA and all users have been migrated over. Now we have fresh capacity on fresh hardware in the USA. We hope these new machines will server our users well into the future. Thank you for your patience tonight.

Webdock Datacenter USA Migration taking longer than expected

Unfortunately we do not have any direct control of the network configuration in our US datacenter and have tasked this part of the operation tonight to the DC provider where we lease our rack space. As it turns out, despite numerous drills and tests, the network boffins there seem to have botched the IP address relocation and have not been able to get it working on their first few attempts.

We were about to pull the plug and abort the migration for tonight as we are nearing our announced maintenance window limit of 1 hour, but they have just gotten back to us and asked for a bit more time. They assure us they are hard at work trying to get things working.

We'd rather they complete the job as tasked tonight so we can all move on happily ever after on the awesome new hardware we have set up for you, so we have decided to give them - at most - 1 additional hour.

This means your server may be down for another hour or so, or untill 22.00 CEST. We of course hope they get - whatever the issue may be - sorted out as quickly as possible so we can get your server back up.

Webdock Datacenter USA Infrastructure upgrade and server migration in the USA

Tonight at 20.00 CEST we will be performing the final steps of our infrastructure upgrade and bringing our new servers online. During this process we need to migrate all our customers to the new hardware. During this process, if you have servers in Dallas TX you may experience up to 1 hour of downtime as data is synched and new network configuration in the datacenter comes online. You will be notified by mail before and after the procedure is complete.